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Hereby, according to the valid version of the Act No. 227/1997 Coll. of the Czech system of law, is released a statute of a foundation named:
" F o u n d a t i o n    f o r    O r i e n t e e r i n g”

The foundation domicile is in Brno (Těšínská 4, 612 00, Czech Republic).

Objectives of the foundation:
a) Support and development of orienteering and other endurance sports that are connected with growth of people’s physical capacities, regeneration of organism, or are otherwise healthy and wholesome.
b) Protection and creation of environment, especially directed towards natural areas exploited for the sports named in point a).

Financial sources of the foundation come from yields of foundation property, sundry foundation property and foundation gifts. Foundation property of 15.187.895,-CZK (approx. 474.620 EUR) is deposited as follows:
  • 5.008.000 CZK is placed in open-end allotment certificates by the Czech Business Bank (ČSOB) at OB Investment Endowment Fund in purchase price of 5.008.000 CZK.

  • 5.741.019 CZK is placed in open-end allotment certificates by the Balanced Fund for Foundations at ŽB-Trust Endowment Fund in purchase price of 6.019.895 CZK.
  • 4.160.000 CZK is deposited at Czech Savings-bank (ČS) and the money is administrated in accordance with a consignment contract and a contract on administration of stocks and shares.

  • Disposal of foundation resources: Foundational resources are exclusively destined for supporting of goals which have been central to foundation origin and also to cover costs connected with management of the foundation. The foundation grants contributions in the form of property transfer, loans, or eventually in accordance with a specific contract. Foundation grants are purposefully aimed at legal and physical entities according to urgency so that their usage is exclusively connected with the objectives of the foundation; at the same time the reasons for granting of contribution must be followed by legal bodies. The foundation supports subjects that are in long-term successfully fulfilling the objects of the foundation and are successfully assisting in organization and development of sporting, training, methodical, or organizational activities in the sphere adhering to the objectives of the foundation. Funds originating from foundation activities may be also used for promotion of sport among public as well as for promotion of the foundation itself. Total annual cost related to operation of the foundation must not exceed 20% of total annual revenues.

    Conditions for submitting foundational grants: Submitting of foundational grants is decided by the Management Board of the Foundation or by the chairman of the Management Board. Foundation informs appropriate legal or physical entity about grant assignment. The foundation is not obliged to explain its decisions behind grant assignments.

    Bodies of the foundation are Management Board and Board of Supervisors:

    Management Board manages foundation property, controls activities, takes up decision-making, and is a statutory body of the foundation. Management Board currently consists of three persons. Its term of office is 3 years, counting since 1999. In the first term of office the Board is required to act in accordance with Article 13, paragraph (2) of the Act No. 227/97 of the Czech system of law. The Management Board is authorized to elect its members and also to appoint Board of Supervisors for a consecutive term of office; the Management Board may also decide possible appeal of its members or of members on the Board of Supervisors, if he/she fails to act in accordance with conditions upon which he/she was elected. The below listed are current members of the Management Board:

    Chairman of Management Board is Ing. Evžen C i g o š; Address: Těšínská 4, 61200 Brno, Czech Republic; personal IN: 520406/099.
    Member of Management Board is Ing. Pavel P e k á r e k; Address: Kunzova 8, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic; personal IN: 690722/3972.
    Member of Management Board is Ing. Pavel K o m á r e k; Address: Vřesová 682/2, 181 01 Prague, Czech Republic; personal IN: 710622/4131
    Each of the members of the Management Board has the right to act individually on behalf of the foundation.
    Members of the Management Board are responsible for keeping legal accountancy evidence and for management of foundational resources in accordance with the system of law and in accordance with hereby presented statute.

    Board of Supervisors is a review body mainly supervising execution of conditions set for granting of contributions by the foundation, correctness of book-keeping, annual balance of the books, and annual reports. The board also supervises whether the foundational activities are performed in accordance with legal regulations, and statute. The Board of Supervisors also raises suggestions for elimination of possible insufficiencies, and, at least once in a year, it is obliged to report to the Management Board on results of its supervisory activities. The term of office of the Board of Supervisors is 3 years, counting since 2003. The Board of Supervisors is appointed by the Management Board and from its center elects a chairman who is responsible for convening and chairing of board’s meetings. The below listed are current members of the Board of Supervisors:

    Chairman of Board of Supervisors is Mgr. Petr P ř i k r y l; Address: Šebelova 670 c, 664 01 Bílovice nad Svitavou, Czech Republic; personal IN: 670503/2037.
    Member of Board of Supervisors is Ing. Lenka K o m á r k o v á; Address: Absolonova 6, 624 00 Brno, Czech Republic; personal IN: 715620/4165.
    Member Board of Supervisors is Ing. Petra C h r o u s t o v á; Address: Chlubnova 13, 616 00 Brno, Czech Republic; personal IN: 665705/1687.

    Book-keeping of the foundation is kept in accordance with special regulations. Annual balance of the books must be approved by an auditor. Costs connected with operation of the foundation shall be recorded separately from foundational grants and contributions.

    Annual report shall be compiled within six months after ending of the evaluated period. Annual report shall contain overview and analysis of foundational activities, namely the following:

    a) overview of foundational property and obligations
    b) list of donors contributing more the 10.000 CZK (approx. 330 EUR) to the foundation. If these require anonymity, their anonymity must be secured
    c) overview of dispose of foundational property
    d) overview of persons who have been granted contribution higher than 10.000 CZK (approx. 330 EUR) in accordance with objectives of the foundation; and evaluation of usage of the contributions granted by the foundation. Provided a contribution has been granted for health or humanitarian reasons to a physical entity and provided the entity requires anonymity, the anonymity must be secured
    e) evaluation of foundational economy, namely with respect to acting in accordance with the rule limiting costs connected with operational cost of the foundation
    f) evaluation of basic data recorded in annual balance of the books. The report shall also contain a statement by an auditor supplemented with serious pieces of information from his/her report; annual balance of the books is a part of an annual report

    The foundation is obliged to file a report approved by the Management Board, or its correction, at the registration court within 30 days from the date of its approval.

    Life of the foundation: The foundation is set for an indefinite period.

    Disestablishment and dissolution of the foundation: The foundation dissolution is valid by the date of its erasure from the register. Dissolution of the foundation is preceded with disestablishment connected with liquidation. Provided the property of the foundation is transferred through consolidation onto another foundation or foundational fund, disestablishment may be performed without liquidation. Liquidation is also unnecessary in cases, where the suggestions of bankruptcy announcement is rejected for a reason of lack of property, or if there is no property remaining in the foundation after the bankruptcy procedures have been finished.

    Founder of the foundation is Ing. Evžen Cigoš, Těšínská 4, 612 00 Brno as a physical entity; personal IN: 520406/099.

    Brno, November 25, 2003

    Ing. Evžen Cigoš Ing.Pavel Pekárek Ing. Pavel Komárek
    Chairman of Management Board Member of Management Board Member of Management Board
    Foundation for Orienteering Foundation for Orienteering Foundation for Orienteering
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